20170 family dentist

20170 Family Dentist

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Dental care for all ages in 20170

Here at Herndon Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we don’t just accept patients of all ages. We provide the focused care that each individual patient needs, along with meeting their preferences. This does not always correspond to being in a particular age group, since some things are universal. But it is also true that some concerns are of greater importance at certain times in your life. We want all of our valued patients to have healthy, cavity-free teeth and strong, vibrant gums to the extent possible.

When your baby’s first teeth start to erupt, get him or her acquainted with our 20170 family dentist soon after. Everyone, regardless of age, needs to have a complete oral examination, periodic x-rays, and teeth cleanings two times per year in order to maintain optimal oral wellness. Of course, your child’s baby teeth will ultimately fall out, and in will come the adult teeth. From that point forward, the goal of our 20170 family dentist is to take care of those teeth so that they can last for life. That means giving equal time to the gums, which serve as the foundation those teeth depend on. Everything does not always meet perfect standards, though, so when fillings, crowns, bridges, or dentures are required, they are provided with the skill and experience that we have built our reputation upon. We also bring the advantages of advanced dental technology to your benefit, with state-of-the-art detection of dental decay, digital radiography, and laser dentistry. Lasers make for greater comfort, more precise results, and quicker healing. And as newer and more cutting edge solutions are introduced and proven to be safe and effective, we will make those part of our services, too.

Whether for routine care or emergencies, reach out to our office and book an appointment for you or your child to see our 20170 family dentist.

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