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Dental Plaque in Herndon

It’s been said that what you don’t know won’t hurt you. But that is clearly not always the case. You may not know that dental plaque is forming on your teeth and at the gum line, but it doesn’t alter its ability to decay your tooth enamel and to irritate, inflame, and infect your gums. Here at Herndon Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, it is our priority to keep you protected from the consequences of dental plaque to the greatest extent possible.

The battle against this sticky, invisible bacterial substance starts with the foods you eat and the beverages you drink. Sugar and starch, found in so many items in your diet, cause dental plaque to develop. If it were possible to eliminate both 100%, you would not have to worry about dental plaque. But that is neither practical nor a good idea. Instead, keep them limited to the extent you are able. And then brush your teeth frequently, which will give dental plaque a lot less time to be where it can do damage. Our Herndon dentist office suggests that you brush your teeth when you wake up, after meals, and then again at bedtime, with that final session accompanied by a thorough and vigorous flossing between your teeth. Tartar is just another form of dental plaque, although one that is hard and crusty. It cannot be removed with at-home oral hygiene, so you need to visit our Herndon dentist office on a six month schedule. Teeth cleanings eradicate your tartar buildup, and also reverse the effects of gingivitis, the early stage of gum disease.

Let our Herndon dentist office be a key component of the strategy that keeps dental plaque from harming your teeth and gums. Schedule your next oral examination and teeth cleaning right now. Use or handy “request an appointment” button at the top of our website, or call us to book a time.

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